This blog is the combined effort of four senior pastors of different churches. Their desire is to point you toward living a God-centered, gospel-focused, Christian life.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Scott's blog intro

I’m Scott.  Art and Daniel are friends and sincere partners in faith.  Ritch is my younger brother (he would say much younger) which does not necessarily mean that he and I can’t be friends and sincere partners in faith.  I serve as the senior pastor at East White Bible Church in Carlock, Illinois.  I love our church because she reveals so much beauty as the bride of Christ. My precious wife, Carol, and I have been married for 31 years.  We have three grown sons, two daughters-in-law, one grandson, and a grandbaby on the way.

I’m looking forward to this blog because while Art, Daniel, Ritch, and I think alike about many things (and all the important things), we each have a way of expression and even of thought that is different enough that our dear readers will get a more fully orbed perspective than if only one contributor participated.

My goal in this blog is to get famous and be asked to write incredible best selling books.  This will enable me to quit my day job and be one of those famous “former” pastors who only have to prepare one sermon every 4-6 months or so and be regarded as an “amazing” thinker and man of God as well as a well compensated conference speaker.

Not really—I just want to see if anyone is still reading this.  What I really want to do is to point people to the Bible as our authoritative guide for how to think and how to live, to reveal the Gospel of grace as the only means to salvation and holiness, to grow in Christlikeness by interacting with my three brothers, and to reveal the joy of abandoning all I have for the kingdom of Jesus Christ.


  1. Hey, Scott, I will read your posts as often as I can. I am Daniel's Grandma. I enjoyed your post today. Best regards to you. Ruby Young

  2. Wow, glad to find this Scott. I'm feeling a little out of the loop however as I only recognized the first 2 of the videos you posted. Hopefully, following your blog will keep me better connected. Just kidding. I am looking forward to see what you and the other guys have to say.
    Blessings to you.

  3. I enjoy your sense of humor --- I did read the whole page!