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Monday, July 9, 2012

Cute Pictures of Kids... What's Not to Like?

This week’s article is a little... lighter. It’s basically just some pictures my family and I thought were pretty sweet. A few of the pictures are posted below and more can be found here. I’ve tried to think of some deep theological justification for the article or some profound point regarding parenting but everything I come up with is a bit of a stretch.

The bottom line is I just really like these photos taken by wedding photographer Jason Lee. They’re fun and, for me, proclaim the joy of family.

In Luke 17:2, Jesus cautions His disciples that it would be better for them to hang a millstone around their neck and be flung into the sea than to cause a little one to stumble. 

There are many ways to cause the children in our church or home to stumble.  We can fail to correct them (1 Kings 1:6).  We can fail to discipline them (Heb. 12:7). We can fail to teach them about the Lord (Deut. 6:4-9).  

We can also fail our children as we neglect having fun with them.  We can cause our children to stumble as we push legalism and deny them a relationship.

With that in mind, check out some of these pictures.  Again, more pictures can be found here:

As I look at these pictures, a few thoughts go through my mind...

1. Those are some pretty adorable kids.

2. Jason Lee has a really clean house.

3. Those are some pretty adorable kids.

4. I wonder if Whitney would marry me again so we could use Jason Lee as our wedding photographer.

5. No, seriously, those kids are probably taking some sort of illegal cuteness steroid. If cuteness were an Olympic sport, these kids would be permanently banned.  

6. I want to do fun things like this with my kids.

Really, the last thought is my dominant thought.  I need to instruct, correct, and train my kids.  But the time is going so quickly.  I also just want to make some fun memories. I want the kids at our church to know that our church loves them.  

So, as you enjoy these pictures, think of some fun ways to love a kid in your church this week.


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  2. You want to tape your kids to the wall and dangle them from banisters?? ;-)

  3. Hi, I had some cute kids at my home today, teaching them to quilt. No relation to me, but children of my family doctor. An eight and nine year old, respectively. They are Vietnamese and quite cute. Wish I were closer in proximity to my great grands who live in other states. I do visit my great grands who live near me as much as I can. I just love kids, period.
    Thanks for the pictures here. Love to you all, Grammy