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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quick Post

A very quick blog post this week: a few words about the same-sex “marriage” legislation in Illinois and a link to an article on reading.

First, for those who are interested in contacting their legislatures about the upcoming same-sex “marriage” legislation, please read the words of a friend who emailed me today:

I assume you are aware that the legislation to legalize same sex marriage in Illinois could be introduced to the House/Senate as early as this week for a vote. I know we have all been praying for our leaders and that they would follow God's will in this matter. I felt compelled to write you though and share some information I had used in the past when legislation that I either supported/opposed was pending a vote.

The link below takes an Illinois resident to a site that allows them to view their Senate/House representatives and their contact information by inputting your home address. We can then call and request that they oppose this upcoming legislation. Only by making our voices heard can we expect to influence our states policy makers.

Second, here’s an interesting article that addresses the question: is there such a thing as too many books?

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