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Monday, September 16, 2013

Looking Back at Luke

Some of you may have seen these two wordlets already, but I wanted to put them side-by-side in one place. I know wordlets have been around for awhile but I had never done one until last week. I feel kinda like a person saying, "Hey, everyone! Look at this cool thing called 'email'!"

The first image is a graphic representation of the words that occurred most frequently in my sermon manuscripts.

And here is a wordlet with a graphic representation of the words that occur most frequently in the text of Luke.


I don't have any profound observations to offer. There were a few quick brief thoughts I had:

First, some of the differences between the two wordlets are the function of one being a sermon and the other being a narrative text. I'm not going to use the word "saying" a lot in the sermon, whereas Luke will use the term frequently.

Second, the similarities on the big issues are encouraging. Jesus, God, Lord, kingdom dominate both wordlets.

Third, it seems the mid-sized words are most important in the sermon wordlet in understanding the themes of the sermon. The kingdom, love, sin, repentance are dominant themes in Luke and the wordlet shows that.

Finally, I was encouraged by some of the words that weren't in the sermon wordlet. Illustrations are helpful and I try to use them in sermons. But the main things my sermon manuscripts are focused on is the text. I think there's a good balance.

Looking forward to Sunday and our new series: The Promise of the Gospel!


  1. Thankful to hear the Word preached at BCC!

  2. I find it entertaining that 'ESV' is so prominent in the Sermon wordlet.

    1. I must admit I also found that entertaining!