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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bethany Community Tornado Relief Fund

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Thank you to everyone who has generously given to Bethany Community Church’s tornado relief fund. We are humbled by the outpouring of support from our community, church, and other brothers and sisters in Christ. We take the stewardship you have entrusted to us very seriously.
Our desire is to be transparent to those who have given and help those who are considering giving know how funds are used. So much money has come in so quickly from a variety of sources and we wanted to make sure that people knew how we had spent funds to date and how we plan on spending remaining funds.

Funds Give to Date
·      About $100,000 has been given to our church so far to help those affected by the tornado.

·      We put out general requests to those directly impacted by the tornado and have met all financial needs that were communicated to us.

·      We have spent around $13,000. Some of the expenditures to date include:
o   Gifts disbursed to BCC families: $10,000.
o   Gifts disbursed to other families: $2,000.
o   Resources for volunteers such as fuel for heaters in the shed, meals, supplies: $1,000.
I wish I could share with you all of the stories of those who have been helped by your gifts. Over and over I hear of ways in which souls have been comforted physically and spiritually by you. Strangers are hugging people when they find out they are a part of Bethany Community Church! To God be the glory.

Future Spending
·      We plan to continue to give funds to those affected by the tornado that will meet their physical needs in order to restore them and their property to pre-tornado condition (moving expenses, deductibles, landscaping).

·      We plan to spend funds on gifts to those affected by the tornado that will meet their spiritual needs (Bibles, counseling material, etc.).

·      We plan to use funds to cover expenses of volunteers who are helping those affected by the tornado (purchasing lunches, providing supplies, fuel costs, etc.).

·      We are NOT using funds given to the tornado relief fund to cover any of Bethany’s administrative staff costs. For example, we are hiring a part-time person to help temporarily with tornado relief ministry who will be funded from giving to our general fund.

As you can see, we are spending 100% of funds given to our relief efforts to benefit families affected by the tornado. As much as is possible, our desire is to use the funds you give in accordance with your intent. If you have given to our tornado relief efforts and have any concerns, please let us know.

If you desire to support the ministries of Bethany Community Church, please give to our general fund. God is graciously meeting our needs as we incur additional expenses and we are thankful for those who are supporting us as we engage in this ministry.

If you know of needs—tornado related or otherwise—please let us know. It is our joy to be able to help meet those.

As we become aware of additional needs and opportunities, we will continue to let you know what we are doing. Again, it is our intent to be transparent so that everyone who has given so sacrificially can be encouraged as God uses His resources for His glory!

By His Grace,


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