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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Quick Snapshots

It's late, so here are a few quick snapshots from the day.

There was a long line of cars to get into affected areas this morning.

We helped send out over 30 teams today, who engaged in a variety of jobs, such as cleaning debris and looking for valuables.

Bethany's farmhouse served as a staging location for the various teams that went into the community.

Command central was a well-oiled machine.

Volunteers came from a variety of churches and locations. On the right of the frame, from left to right, are pastors Joe Bella and Jason Alligood.

And here are Ritch and Jerry. I wasn't here when the teams were being sent out, but I'm told this place was really hoping. Some 200 volunteers went out today into the community.

Teams received safety orientation before leaving.

Mike and Matt helping families clean up.

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