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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A New Tool

Pastor Ben Davidson is a great gift to Bethany Community Church. He is constantly thinking of ways to improve existing ministries and help us be more effective in our communication. I'm particularly excited by an idea he's had for awhile but we've just begun to implement this week.

Over the next few weeks, Bethany Community Church is testing out this new tool that is designed to help our church apply the truths of God's Word. It's called the "Post-Sunday App" and it is simply a short video where we talk about Sunday's sermon.

This excites me because I often hear comments after the sermon or questions at care group and think, "Wow, I wish I could address that issue with the whole church!"

We'll be recording these videos on Monday mornings, so for those who attend BCC, feel free to email any questions you may have had about the sermon on Sunday afternoon or evening. We may address them Monday morning.

Also, let us know if you find these helpful.

By His Grace,


P.S. Several people have asked how many takes this video took. My answer is that it took only one take but we did that one take three times due to technical issues!


  1. Love it! I'm blessed by your creativity, brothers, and pray that resources like this one will continue to help the BCC body grow in its love for Jesus.

  2. Great job, and great heart to help folks wrestle with application. Thanks!

  3. Wonderful way to reinforce the message as well. Pastor Daniel mentioned Romans 9, so I was able to bring it up on my computer and refresh myself with the text. Romans 9:2... What an attitude of love for others. May we all keep developing the same heart for others. Thank you both for following the direction of the Holy Spirit for your flocks benefit!

  4. I am very much looking forward to watching these videos every week. I'm also excited to have an outlet for questions that benefits the whole church.

    Question: How will we get these videos? RSS, Twitter, weekly email, etc.?

  5. Dan,
    There are a number of ways you can receive these videos. Here is a list:
    1. By "liking" the BCC page on facebook. The videos are posted there.
    2. By "subscribing" to the "BethanyCommunity" channel on It will be the featured video each week and will pop up on your youtube homepage along with other channels you subscribe to.
    3. By "subscribing" to our all-church email via our website. The link will be posted on our weekly email.

    So go ahead and like and subscribe away!
    Ben D.