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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some Election Day Reading Material

After today, it will all be over. Or, at the least, this phase of the 2012 election will be over.

Here are some links to some articles you might find interesting today (HT: John Piper, for many of them):

1. I remain saddened by what seems to me to be a shift in our culture on life. Here are some strong, good words from John Knight that should motivate you  to keep up the good fight:

2. Am I willing to vote for a Mormon? Without a doubt. Am I saddened by the Mormon faith? Without a doubt.

3. Why Pastor Sam Crabtree is voting in favor of Minnesota's marriage ammendment:

See also this interview with Robert Gagnon:

4. Four years ago, Mr. Obama made a push for Evangelical votes. His rhetoric four years ago is in stark contrast to what the Democratic party is proclaiming today about morality and those who hold to a Biblical worldview.

Anthony Esolen rightly observes:
He [President Obama] could have reached out to evangelicals, of whatever race, to promote the virtue of chastity.  He could have roused the sluggardly mass media from its stupor and forced them to acknowledge how children suffer when they do not grow up with a married mother and father.  He could have visited prisons and interviewed the men about the homes where they grew up.  He did none of these things.  Instead he acted so as to inscribe the sexual revolution in granite, as a new Ten Commandments from on high.  In generations to come, this colossal cultural failure, this tremendous opportunity squandered, may loom larger than his economic failure. 
See the full article here:

5. According to this survey, most pastors have mentioned the need to vote, but not endorsed a particular candidate. That's probably wise. I feel very confident warning us against a candidate, but wary of endorsing the other.

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